Sports Coaching Science (Certification Online)


12 Months


Distance Learning Course




R13 000


R4 000


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Becoming a sports coach requires specialised knowledge and a multitude of expert skills – whether for beginners, intermediate or advanced-level players – in schools, clubs or private institutions. Includes bag, t-shirt and cap.


This full qualification is accredited through CATHSSETA ID 67695 level 5.

Aim of Course

Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Coaching Science Certificate offers a scientifically based, integrated approach to training that helps you develop and motivate top sports performers. As a result of thoroughly understanding the fundamentals of sport and adopting a scientific approach to training, athletes develop good habits that help them to enhance their performance.

Course Objective

To become an inspired leader in your specific sport and to assume responsibilities for sports development within your sporting specialisation.

Course Content

Course modules include - **Principles of sport and exercise physiology: Know how the body’s physiology responds to resistance training / Know how the body’s physiology responds to flexibility training / Know how the body’s physiology responds to speed and power training. **Sports administration basics: Get an insider’s perspective on the social and psychological aspects of sport / Learn how to plan practice sessions and teach sports skills / How to manage a team. **Communication for a sports administrator: Produce and respond to written communication appropriately in an office environment / Produce verbal communication appropriately in an office environment / Respond to verbal communication appropriately in an office environment. **Growth and development principles: Understand intra-personal dynamics / Understand interpersonal dynamics / Bring about personal behavioral changes. **Periodise training and the training year: Compare and contrast the scheduled training periodisation / Compare the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of training / Describe the differences in training periodisation. **Safety and risk management: Design a programme that promotes risk management and safety / Describe an emergency medical evacuation procedure / Analyse the most common forms of injuries. **Screening, assessments and programming: Test clients’ cardio-respiratory endurance using well-known measuring methods / Test clients’ muscular fitness and flexibility using well-known measuring methods / Assess the composition of your client’s body. **The coaching requirements of special populations: Identify the coaching requirements of special populations / Educate special populations about ergogenic aids / Detail health-enhancing supplementation for special populations.

Admissions Criteria

We require a valid South African ID, or a valid passport if you reside outside of South Africa. You must have a Matric/Grade 12 certificate.

Career Opportunity

The ultimate aim of our Coaching Science certification is therefore to help you become an inspired leader in your sport and assume responsibilities for development, within your specialisation.