Sports Management (Certification)


4 Months


Distance Learning Course




R13 000


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The Sports and Fitness industries are fast becoming the leading industries in the world. This means that there is no better time than the present to become an accredited Sports Manager. Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Sports Management Certification (National Certificate of Sports Management) has you well covered! The great Trifocus products included in your course are: Learner guide / Course assessment / guides / Trifocus kit bag / Trifocus peak cap / Branded Trifocus T-shirt


The National Certificate of Sports Management is accredited through CATHSSETA and SAQA ID 60309 Level 5

Aim of Course

The Sports Management Certification is a well-rounded, holistic certification that enables you to spread your wings in the sporting and fitness industry, and climb to the top of the ladder as a Sports Manager.

Course Objective

To become an accredited Sports Manager.

Course Content

Modules include - **Communication for a sports manager: Produce and respond to written communication appropriately in an office environment / Produce verbal communication appropriately in an office environment / Respond to verbal communication appropriately in an office environment. **Ethical behaviour and discipline in a sporting environment: Describe what professional values, in a sporting environment, are / Indicate how professional values function in sporting association / Describe what professional accountability is. **Disability management in sports - Be able to detail the side effects that sportsmen and -women with disabilities suffer from / Determine how people with disabilities can be included in sport / Examine the similarities between sport, fitness and recreation. **Manage the sporting environment: Establish organizational structures in sports / Ensure that you aim for the highest levels of customer satisfaction / Learn how to deal with project finances as well as financial management. **HR in sports: Be able to manage teams of volunteers brought in for specific tournaments / Manage diversity in sports / Become knowledgeable about governance in sports and fitness. **HIV and AIDS in sports: Be able to identify the national policies regarding HIV/Aids in the workplace / Detail the national policies regarding HIV/Aids in the workplace / Develop a workplace-specific policy on HIV/Aids that is in line with national policies. **Managing and administering sporting tournaments: Explain a particular sporting event’s evacuation procedures / Explain why safety and fire-fighting equipment is regularly inspected / Decide what safety and security information needs to be communicated to staff. **Personal developmental training: Understand intra-personal dynamics / Understand interpersonal dynamics / Bring about personal behavioural changes. **Safety and security: Design a programme that promotes risk management and safety / Describe an emergency medical evacuation procedure / Analyse the most common forms of injuries. **Sports and fitness marketing: Draw up a comprehensive business plan for your sporting business / Plan and implement operational procedures for your sporting business / Carry out administrative functions, financial and accounting procedures which will support your sporting business.

Admissions Criteria

We require a valid South African ID, or a valid passport if you reside outside of South Africa. You must have a Matric/Grade 12 certificate or NQF 4.

Career Opportunity

Graduates will be able to manage sporting teams, organise sporting or fitness events, and also work behind the scenes in marketing and project management.