Yoga (Certification Online)


10 - 12 Months


Distance Learning Course




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Yoga has been popular for centuries. Now, more than ever, it is growing and becoming accepted in the mainstream fitness arena. Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Yoga Certification graduates go onto have successful careers in both commercial and private Yoga studios. What is included in your course pack? Learner guide / Assessment guides (correspondence only) / Kit bag / Cap / T-shirt


The Yoga Course is accredited by the Yoga Teachers Fellowship of South Africa, which falls under the International Yoga Federation. It is also the only Yoga Certification accredited by CATHSSETA.

Aim of Course

Yoga has been popular for centuries. Now, more than ever, it is growing and becoming accepted in the mainstream fitness arena.

Course Objective

You will gain vast knowledge of all aspects that are current and necessary as a Yoga Instructor.

Course Content

Course modules include: **History of Yoga Learn about how Yoga has developed during the: Vedic period / Classical Yoga Period / The Post Classical Yoga Period **Yoga Philosophy: Learn about the six classical schools of Yogic philosophy / Discover what Vedanta concentrates on / Unpack the intertwined nature of Prakriti and Purusha. **Anatomy and physiology: Analyse the anatomy of movement / Identify the anatomy of the human body / Explain how joints, bones and muscles move. **Bandhas: Discover what bandhas are / Learn how bandhas are used / Unpack what the three types of bandhas are. **Different types of meditation techniques: Learn how to perform walking meditation / Discover how to become aware of your body in meditation / Discern the different poses in which you can meditate. **Hatha Yoga Asanas: Learn to describe the different types of Asanas as well as the preparatory poses for each Asana / Discover the benefits of counterposes / Realise why you should balance strength and flexibility Asanas. **Kriya Yoga: Learn about the origins of Kriya Yoga / Discover the ins and outs of the Shat Karmas / Know which Shat Karmas you can teach when. **Mantra: Learn about the origin of Mantra / Discover how you can attain Samyama / Unpack the significance of OM in Yoga. **Eight limbs of Yoga: Learn what are the eight limbs of the Sutras / Discover the significance of the eight limbs of the Sutras in Yoga / Be able to distinguish between the Ashtanga Marga should not be confused with Ashtanga Yoga. **The three gunas: Discover the significance of the three gunas / Learn what the three gunas are called / Discover the significance of the three gunas. The Yoga Certification will take approximately 8 months to complete. 200 practical hours have to be completed to get the Yoga Certification.

Admissions Criteria

We require a valid South African ID, or a valid passport if you reside outside of South Africa. You must have a Matric/Grade 12 certificate.

Career Opportunity

You will be able to work both nationally and internationally in commercial gyms or private yoga studios.