Geraldine Rugby Football Club

Club Details

Geraldine is proud rural rugby community with over 120 years of Rugby experience.  We are located within South Canterbury at the foot of the mountains, surrounded by braided rivers flowing to the sea.  We are a close knit, and supportive community who pride themselves on hard work and brotherhood.  We look to play a fast and expansive game founded on uncompromising defence!


Geraldine has a long history of growing representative rugby players with 2 current premiere players a part of the Brian Lochore Cup winning South Canterbury Heartland team.  Geraldine have had 2 players represent the New Zealand Heartland team in recent years, exposing themselves to international rugby.  If a career in rugby is what you are after, Geraldine can provide you those opportunities.



  • Club Secretary: Snow, Gideon
  • Club Secretary Contact Number: 0276065127
  • Club Secretary Email Address: